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Production Artist:
Digital and Print

At HAVAS MEDIA we invest in media that matters because we believe more meaningful media can help build more meaningful brands.”

None of this would be accomplished without solid leadership and the skilled work of the studio production team. I have had the pleasure as digital artist of collaborating with those from Havas’ ancillary agencies Arnold and Tonic, namely with CD CORA FLASTER, AD ANDY MATHURIN, PM KIERAN FANE-HERVEY and JD PRICILLA MCGANN on numerous digital pharma projects.

The studio team is comprised of coworkers who inspire and motivate are team players. They want to give their total effort to complete a task and bringing everyone’s skills, talents, knowledge and efforts together to get the goal completed more quickly and often produce a better product. This leads to accurate, efficient success in producing for only a few of the brands listed below.

Adobe Illustrator: 85%
Adobe Photoshop: 50%
Adobe After Effects: 60%
Sketch App: 75%
Avocode: 45%
Adobe Acrobat: 55%

pharma: social

Digital: Social Animation

Delstrigo for Merck

The request for Delstrigo™ was to take static provided assets and devise an animated social media campaign with a scrolling ISI (important safety information.) The ISI had to meet FDA criteria for type size,

legibility and background color to accommodate for the potentially visually-impaired. Three assets were created combining the stop-motion footage provided, logos and ISI copy.

pharma: digital

Digital: Banners and Website

Prolia for Amgen

The campaign for Prolia was a two-tier project—to create static assets using a series of three models to drive traffic to the website. The web banners needed to be created to feature the bone density model artwork in both horizontal and vertical sizes.

Through pushing back on the process for client-based design updates, I managed to convert the original and older Photoshop documents to the now-industry-standard Sketch App, allowing for better file navigation, consistency and overall effective workflow.

Prolia Static Banner (160x600)
Prolia Static Banner (728x90)
Prolia Static Banner (300x250)
Prolia Static Banner (320x50)
Prolia Website
Prolia Website
Prolia Website
Prolia Website
Banner ad, HTML5 (GIF representation here,) 1280×90

pharma: digital

Digital: Web

Vascepa for Amarin was built with the intention of utilizing a set of stylized gradients to maintain a consistent look/feel across the site depending on the medication topic. With the website built in Sketch App, there was a well-organized global library but the main issue was working with the created SVG gradient files that generated file sizes larger than manageable online. Needling into the library and individual SVG files, I recreated each gradient within

Sketch App though they were created using Adobe Illustrator gradient mesh. Beyond this, I opened the code to each SVG and stripped away any excess coding that greatly decreased the file size and overall structure to avoid using PNG assets. With these changes, all other copy and content changes were easily made and files shared more-readily due to file compression, file layer organization and redundant asset gathering.

Vascepa Website
Vascepa Website
Vascepa Website
Vascepa Website

pharma: digital

Digital: Web and Animation

Pataday for Alcon

Utilizing a loose set of working files and a site map in Sketch App, I and the studio team managed to churn out both desktop and mobile sizes (retina) for Though there were only a few basic desktop pages created, I built out all of the desktop pages and the corresponding global library from which every page of mobile would then be structured.

In an unexpected turn of events, there was an additional request for the recreation of the eye drop animation and chevrons as there was a file quality issue that arose. Using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator, I quickly moved to re-animate the sequence and output in various formats from .mp4 to .gif

Pataday Desktop
Pataday Desktop
Pataday Mobile

pharma: digital

Digital: Web

Cabenuva for ViiV

A promising pharmaceutical to lower the viral load of HIV-positive patients, Cabenuva for ViiV had met enough regulations to begin the final design and development of it’s online presence. Designed for both desktop and mobile-responsive, the site began as a set of Photoshop files with many subsets nested within the site map.

Having rich media, modals and numerous photographic and icon assets, milling this site down was an undertaking.
Once content was essentially nailed-down, the tasks became setting the appropriate file structure within layers and updating client-side edits and artwork for the site.

Cabenuva Website
Cabenuva Website
Cabenuva Website
Cabenuva Website

pharma: digital

Print: Lockup

Trelegy Packaging Seal

Trelegy is the only once-daily, FDA-approved medicine used long term that combines 3 separate long-acting COPD medicines in 1 inhaler. These medicines work to open your airways, keep airways open, and reduce inflammation, to significantly improve lung function and help you breathe easier for a full 24 hours.

With new packaging and logo updates underway per client requests, the creative director wanted to expand the point-of-purchase and print collateral with a retro-inspired seal that calls out the FDA approval using a classic seal mark. Given both his inspiration files and product artwork, I developed the seals below.


digital: social event

Digital: Social & Virtual

Havas NYC Pride 2020

With the restrictions and climate of COVID-19, everyone was forced into quarantine who was not an essential worker, postponing life, work and gathering as we know it. One of the largest and greatly-anticipated events of the year, PRIDE NYC, was cancelled for the year by the city health agencies, forcing all to find ways to improvise and celebrate diversity and accomplishment in the LGBTQIA+ community.

We were already working-from-home, and it was time to
“Werk from Home!”

As part of the HXC 2020 Pride Committee, I contributed the overall design direction below that was utilized from Instagram filters to being used as a template from which other committee members developed the assets that they required.

coned environmental digital

Print: Outdoor

ConEdison QR Code Vehicles

The premiere energy provider for New York City and beyond, ConEdison launched a venture to better raise their profile and build better customer relations by integrating technology into their current environmental assets. The dynamic decision to utilize the real estate on the sides of their service vehicles to trigger QR code interaction was the spearhead of this leg of the campaign. Asked to concept a direction that utilized ConEdison’s branded blue hues, I began the research, study and testing

of integrating QR codes innocuously into what appears to be simply artwork in a living space. Should an individual happen to be utilizing their phone in the camera space of a ConEd truck, or intentionally wish to have information from their account, the truck in their view is linked to service being done in their area and updates can be obtained without having to call a phone number and wait on hold or the fear of approaching a busy line worker.