Who Is Ethan Hunt


Get to “know” me in the video above. A blessing and a curse of when you have the same name as a movie spy in a blockbuster series is that Paramount contacted me and others with the same name to be flown out to simulate stunts performed in the “Mission: Impossible” installments. As a veteran, I can honestly say, this was FUN to do for once!

Ethan was that kid—the kid who was always getting into trouble sketching, coloring and making little machines out of anything that he could find. He kept scrap paper for projects and daydreamed—but he did not eat glue.
He grew up loving the show “Bewitched” knew that when he grew up he wanted to become Darrin Stevens. Not knowing exactly what it was that Darrin did, all he knew was that he saw a man who was paid to draw and tell people that they needed things based on his drawings. This was Ethan’s first exposure to the world of design and advertising. He never imagined that his sketching and creative tendencies would never actually become a viable career. After high school, Ethan attended Drexel University faced the intensity of the curriculum—an intensity that gave him an edge in the saturated northeast design industry.
His career started in an era where print was king and web was just getting started, so the bedrock of his skill set comes from print, typography and publication design. He was brought in to work for firms such as Young & Rubicam and Campbell-Mithun on campaigns for Jaguar, Land Rover and DirecTV. Working through the ranks, Ethan quickly gained a reputation for being meticulous, thoughtful and creatively motivated.
When advertising tanked following the events of September 11, he was forced to take an unexpected turn in his career path to a military career that paralleled his civilian one.
Ethan served in the United States Coast Guard as one of only seventy-seven national Public Affairs officers responsible for recruitment advertising and public relations. For Ethan, this was quite and adjustment—he thrived nonetheless, considering it to be a chance to broaden his overall experience. Though unplanned at the time, his military service later afforded him the opportunity to return to college and update his skills by attending The University of California, Los Angeles campus. It was there as a student in the Design Communication Arts Programme that Ethan became more adept in responsive design, wire-framing, social media and developing online content.
Ethan has been around and Ethan seen a well-rounded landscape of different design styles, agencies and work environments nationally. He is a focused, considerate and strategic designer adept in creating solutions that follow the spirit of the creative brief while still managing to be visually stimulating. The Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch App and his other tools are the closest thing that he has to siblings. Ethan and active AIGA member, contributes his free time to volunteerism and is available in the New York City metropolitan area.


Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator/SVG Coding
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Adobe Animate
Adobe InDesign


Strong Visual Communicator
Cross-Platform Campaign Strategy
Mentorship of Newer Designers
Interdepartmental Collaboration
Creative Problem-Solving
Design Trend Tracking
Brand Championship
Holistic Project Oversight
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