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With many departments contributing to the multifaceted parts of the campaign, there might be a print asset from one department, video footage held by another team, social assets in development by the social team and so on. It was down to me to work with marketing to implement one or all of those pieces into a concise, clean, animated and marketable digital asset.

Many designers at MLS used at most two to three of applications from the Adobe Creative Suite per day—in my position I ran the entire gambit from Illustrator to After Effects. LED In-Game perimeter boards. Environmental graphics and stadium dressing. Animated screens for a takeover of a hosting city’s paid media in airports, streets and subways. One day was never like the other.

2018 MLS Playoff Banner | 728x90
Special Promotional Game Banner, NYC Rivals | 728x90
2018 MLS All-Star Game Banner 1 | 728x90
2018 MLS All-Star Game Banner 2 | 728x90
2018 MLS App Promo Banner | 1280x90
2017 ESPN Decision Day Banner | 728x90
eMLS Console Gamers Tournament Banner 2018 | 728x90
Kick Childhoood Cancer Banner 2018 | 728x90
MLS Pre-Season Web Banner 2018 | 728x90

The Brief: The scope of this leg of the position was to not only be responsible for the creative engagement through design of upwards of 42+ HTML5 banner ads of various sizes, but to also stimulate the growth and fanbase of the teams, events and platform activations though dynamic digital campaigns. On a weekly basis, static banner ads of 320×50 pixels to leaderboard 1280×90 pixels had to be not only generated to contain all relevant game dates and times in a cohesive format, but there were also platform-specific adverts that were generated weekly.

Elasticity and flexibility of design concepts was key. MLS All-Star, MLS Playoffs and MLS Pre-Season were all timed to churn into the weekly bill of fare for seasonal games already running within the season. Other activations included revenue generating platforms that were introduced throughout the season such as the MLS App that promoted merchandise sales, MLS All-Star that drove fans to ticket purchases and other initiatives were added to the fold on the fly at times during the season.

The Brief: Launched in 2018, Campeones Cup is an annual clash between the champions of Major League Soccer and Liga MX. Campeones Cup is a foundational element of the landmark partnership between MLS and LMX — the two top soccer leagues in North America. Along with Leagues Cup, it is one of several on-field competitive events developed to showcase and heighten the rivalry between the leagues.

At the same time, Campeones Cup is a centerpiece for collaborative efforts off the field, including a special focus on social responsibility to drive positive change.
For the activation of the platform, I was tasked with creating both pre-match ticket sales and in-game perimeter LEDs for market placement to not only build awarenesses but drive revenue.

The Brief: As far as possible to plan the future of a sports season, I found myself using whatever extra RAM I had left in my creative brain to conceptualize perimeter LEDs for upcoming matches. Based solely on the activations and platforms of prior seasons, I found the means to update and innovate platforms that had brand recognition—be it with logo and lockup explorations or completely new animated sequences. In attempt to meet the goals of my position, I discovered that the LED perimeter boards

that were made in all seasons prior were not done to industry-standard. They were created for digital screen using Adobe Animate and not the de rigueur best-practice of creating boards in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, then animating them in Adobe After Effects. After contacting LED vendors at all stadiums and their primary providers, I pushed towards complete development and deployment of smooth, 26-frame digital perimeter boards across the MLS arenas. Below are a few platform examples.

The Brief: SB Nation is a sports blogging network owned by Vox Media. It is also the largest independent sports media brand, consisting of, and over 300 fan-centric teams. These business teams include Vox Media divisions responsible for selling advertising and editorial sponsorships.

A paid media sponsorship request was secured to promote the opening of the 2018 MLS season, with the target being to drive fans to the website via a mobile screen takeover and drop-down ads. Both sizes included the sizzle reel of the 2017 season with the messaging of “MLS is Back.”

The Brief: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest and most efficient airport in the world and  is a global gateway, offering nonstop service to more than 150 domestic and 70 international destinations. ATL also holds the distinction of being the first airport in the world to serve more than 100 million passengers in a single year.  Its art program integrates permanent and rotating exhibits and musical performances into the fabric of the guest experience. Hartsfield-Jackson is a beacon of economic strength and customer service in Georgia – and beyond.

With the MLS All-Star international friendly match set to take over Atlanta proper, I was tasked with the digital side of the OOH takeover of the city. The first point of entry for many was this flagship of American airports that not only was dressed along with the stadium, but every screen had a digital takeover of various screens within every terminal. Almost wonderfully overwhelming, fans flying in from the U.S. and abroad was automatically engaged with kinetic video to pump them for the match and drive local sales awareness.