Havas Media



Production Artist:
Digital and Print

At HAVAS MEDIA we invest in media that matters because we believe more meaningful media can help build more meaningful brands.”

None of this would be accomplished without solid leadership and the skilled work of the studio production team. I have had the pleasure as digital artist of collaborating with those from Havas’ ancillary agencies Arnold and Tonic, namely with CD CORA FLASTER, AD ANDY MATHURIN, PM KIERAN FANE-HERVEY and JD PRICILLA MCGANN on numerous digital pharma projects.

The studio team is comprised of coworkers who inspire and motivate are team players. They want to give their total effort to complete a task and bringing everyone’s skills, talents, knowledge and efforts together to get the goal completed more quickly and often produce a better product. This leads to accurate, efficient success in producing for only a few of the brands listed below.

Adobe Illustrator: 85%
Adobe Photoshop: 50%
Adobe After Effects: 60%
Sketch App: 75%
Avocode: 45%
Adobe Acrobat: 55%

coned environmental digital

Print: Outdoor

ConEdison QR Code Vehicles

The premiere energy provider for New York City and beyond, ConEdison launched a venture to better raise their profile and build better customer relations by integrating technology into their current environmental assets. The dynamic decision to utilize the real estate on the sides of their service vehicles to trigger QR code interaction was the spearhead of this leg of the campaign. Asked to concept a direction that utilized ConEdison’s branded blue hues, I began the research, study and testing

of integrating QR codes innocuously into what appears to be simply artwork in a living space. Should an individual happen to be utilizing their phone in the camera space of a ConEd truck, or intentionally wish to have information from their account, the truck in their view is linked to service being done in their area and updates can be obtained without having to call a phone number and wait on hold or the fear of approaching a busy line worker.