The Paley Center for Media

The Paley Center for Media


Senior Designer:
Digital, Print and Web

I was already a fan of The Paley Center and was working on a ton of print and digital assets from flyers to web banners promoting a variety of celebrity events. When I was chatting with Senior Creative Director JACK CHEN about one of my favorite shows, “Orphan Black” was set to be hosted for a Q&A in a week, it was all that I could do to control my enthusiasm. I remember walking over and asking what I could do to help. Many things were already set in motion, with one of the last items outstanding being a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the event and characters from the show.

I volunteered and the creatives no longer had to try to educated themselves on a show and characters that they had never seen—I completely threw myself into it with it almost becoming a video feature. The Paley Center is an archive of all things entertainment-related. With it being a two-night engagement due to popular demand and fans overwhelming the venue, I took it upon myself to append the original presentation with video from the prior night. The result was a fun, engaging reel that had fans of the show taking photos in front of the screens. I knew that I had done something right.

Adobe After Effects 80%
Adobe Illustrator 85%
Adobe Photoshop 70%
Adobe InDesign 90%

paleyfest 2017

Digital Art Director: Motion Graphics

“Orphan Black” PaleyFest

banner ads

Digital Design: Web Banners

Tony Bennett Watercolor Exibit

With the upcoming gala and exhibit, “The Art & Music of Tony Bennett,” marketing asked for an assortment of sizes for web banners to promote the event, with Gothamist being one of the lead sponsors and banner outlets.

Though there was no platform to post industry-standard HTML5 banner ads, I took the static artwork that another Los Angeles designer had left on a virtual drive for the project and generated gif assets.

Paley Banner Ad for Gothamist (600x300)
Paley Banner Ad for Gothamist (600x300)
Paley Banner Ad for Gothamist (600x300)
Paley Banner Ad (2736x192)
Paley Banner Ad (728x90)
Paley Banner Ad for WNYC (728x90)